5 Tips for Finding the Right Chiropractor For You

If you have back, neck, or any kind of muscle and joint pain, but prefer a treatment that promotes natural healing without the use of medications or surgery, a chiropractor is your best bet. But how do you know which doctor is right for you?

Inside Health offers these 5 tips to guide you through choosing a chiropractor.


Research Their Background

You can learn a lot by looking into their education, training, and professional associations. For instance, both doctors at Inside Health graduated from the Palmer College of Chiropractic, known world-wide for being the best school for chiropractic education. They are also members of several notable professional chiropractic associations like the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association, the Colorado Chiropractic Association, and the non-profit Wellness Champions.

Because of these groups, the focus at Inside Health is on Family Wellness including pediatrics and pregnancy as well as athletic performance. We take care of the whole person, not just the temporary pain.


Insurance Coverage

Insurance that covers chiropractic is becoming increasingly rare as medical lobbies tighten their control on the market. That’s not editorializing, that’s just the facts. Avoid Chiropractors who are insurance-dependent since they will typically try to fluff the bill with unnecessary therapies that waste your time and pad their wallet. You won’t find that at Inside Health. We work for you, not the insurance company. You get the same care and recommendations that we give to our own family.


Read the Reviews

Social proof is everything these days. It’s easy to see what others have experienced by reading the various reviews. When looking for a chiropractor, look for proof that the doctors take time to listen and understand to that person. Look for results, too! A common trick is to get a positive review way too early, so look for proof that people have stuck around for a long time and are happy with their decisions. Read all the negative reviews as well and decide for yourself if they sound justified. Some people are impossible to please (every family has one just like that).

(PS – we’re not shy about our reviews either! You can read them here.)


Different Techniques

Just as chiropractors have different specialties, they also have different techniques. A good chiropractor will know whether to take a gentle or more direct approach, depending on the patient and their particular issues. At Inside Health, our chiropractors are trained in a variety of techniques so that they can help everyone from the tiniest infant to the biggest bodybuilder.


Technology and Tools

A computerized assessment of your nervous system is a no-brainer (pun intended!). These scans can detect specific areas of stress and dysfunction in the body that you cannot see on X-ray. X-rays are useful and may be recommended, but we prefer to use something that shows how your body is able to function, not just what the bones look like under the surface.


At Inside Health, we use the Insight Subluxation Station, a one-of-a-kind nervous system scanner, to detect issues and monitor your progress.

Keep these tips in mind to choose the best possible chiropractor for you. Don’t know where to start looking? Take our free health quiz to help figure it out and get half off your first visit. Ready to get started today? Use the coupon to save even more, making it just $39 for your New Patient visit.