About Us

At Inside Health, we promote whole-body health for the whole family.

inside health loveland nutrition response testing and chiropractic

About Us

Our virtual nutrition practitioners at Inside Health promote whole-body health for the whole family.


Inside Health has been voted one of the best nutritional healing clinics in Northern Colorado. We can now serve the rest of the country through our convenient virtual appointments.

Our Story:

Drs. David and Lauren Kolowski were let down by the medical system. This fueled them to dig deeply into natural healthcare, which they quickly discovered was much better than the medical “sick-care” model. They found their calling as chiropractors and nutrition experts.

At Inside Health, we blend cutting-edge science with traditional wisdom to help you be healthy and live simply.

After 14 years of clinical practice, we are now 100% virtual and able to help anyone, anywhere.

To learn more about the owners of Inside Health and their latest developments, check out this expanded About Us page.

Meet Our Team

Lauren Kolowski, DC

Dr. Lauren Kolowski is a chiropractor and nutrition expert in Loveland, Colorado.

Dr. Lauren was one of the first doctors across the nation to attain Master Clinician status in Nutrition Response Testing. By upgrading to Quantum Nutrition Testing, she is now able to serve clients across the country.

Dr. Kolowski was inspired to do what she does today due to her own health journey. She knows what it is like to desperately seek answers for a health concern and now sees it as her mission to help others just like her.

She is also an accomplished public speaker, inspiring and challenging her audience to take healthy actions.

Dr. Lauren graduated from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln before completing her doctorate from the Palmer College of Chiropractic in 2010.

Dr. Lauren enjoys spending time with her husband, Dr. David, and home-schooling their two children. She enjoys relaxing with a cup of coffee and a purring cat in front of a fire as well as family activities like traveling, gardening, hiking and singing.

David Kolowski, DC

Dr. David Kolowski is a 2010 graduate of the Palmer College of Chiropractic. After 14 years of clinical work, he is currently focused on research, writing, and teaching. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter (near the bottom of this page) to stay up to date on the latest information!

Dr. David has also become an accomplished public speaker and author with two best-selling books to his credit including the acclaimed “The Night Before Wellness.”

Dr. David graduated from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln where he played football as an offensive lineman for the Nebraska Cornhuskers where he tipped the scale at 310 pounds!

Dr. David enjoys time spent with his wife, Dr. Lauren, home-schooling their two kids, and can typically be found reading or writing or enjoying nature with the family.

Katie Ward, loveland nutrition response testing practitioner

Katie Ward, Nutrition Practitioner

Katie successfully completed the Master Clinician training through Nutrition Response Testing and built up a strong in-person clinic before transitioning to 100% virtual. Katie is currently accepting new clients for Quantum Nutrition Testing.

When Katie became a yoga instructor, she began listening to her body and seeking ways to remedy the chronic neck and head pain she had after a car accident. During that journey, life continued to offer her lessons through digestive issues, kidney infections, gallbladder attacks, imbalances, and inflammation. She learned the impact stress had on her body. Finally, when she became a nutrition patient, she began to truly heal.

Proper nutrition and whole food supplements have changed Katie’s life. There is a lot of confusion out there when it comes to our health care, especially with nutrition. Katie truly believes that the answer to feeling our best begins with what we feed our bodies.

Katie began learning about a proper diet and nutritional coaching and is so grateful that path led her to become a practitioner. She is passionate about helping others achieve their health goals while sharing her understanding of our body’s amazing wisdom and ability to heal. Great health is possible when we support the body as nature intended!

We promote whole-body health for the whole family through improved diet and lifestyle.