What Happens When You Use the Wrong Fuel?

Accidents happen. While on the road this holiday weekend, we encountered a small town gas station that had mistakenly put diesel in the gasoline reservoir.

After putting a FULL tank of diesel in a gasoline car, everything started shutting down just a few miles down the road. We were limping along, and then it wouldn’t even start.

Our bodies are the same way. We have lots of options that look and smell and taste like food, and some of them might even give you some energy in the form of cheap calories, but these foods are not our proper fuel.

Just like our car, you’ll also be limping along, spewing noxious gasses, and eventually shut down before your time.

Your food is your fuel, but also the basis for keeping your body in homeostasis (this is a verse from Dr. David’s “The Night Before Wellness”).

Think about this: Do you give more consideration to what you put in your car than what you put in your own mouth? What would change if you simply focused on higher quality food choices?

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