The Night Before Wellness, A Children’s Book that Brings True Health to the Table

Chiropractic Care Has Never Been so Fun and Approachable


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Denver, CO — Oct. 5th, 2018 — The Night Before Wellness by David Kolowski, DC is a unique children’s book that offers an engaging look into the benefits of chiropractic care and true wellness.

Recently published by Selene River Press in April of 2018, the short booklet is a lively, child-friendly way to educate children on chiropractic care and the importance of overall health. The motivation behind the book is to help kids experience good health now and into the future. “It is much easier to grow a healthy child than to fix a broken adult,” says Dr. Kolowski, author and chiropractor.

Chiropractic treatments are not just for back pain and headaches. The Night Before Wellness aims to deconstruct the common idea that health comes from a pill or procedure.


“Your brain and your nerves run your whole share;

Your muscles, your organs, your growth and repair.

If you are connected and good to your source

True health will always be the result, of course!”


This short excerpt is part of the enlightening story of a family whose health is in need. Accompanied by lively illustrations, the reader joins the family’s journey to health while learning about holistic health and the positive impact of chiropractic care and proper nutrition.

Ultimately, this one-of-a-kind booklet is an accessible way to teach kids and parents that chiropractic is not just an alternative option. Millions around the world use chiropractic as their primary healthcare on a regular basis to achieve and maintain optimal health.

The book provides a gentle challenge for young readers while also including fun coloring pages, making this a great addition to any home library. Plus, this book shows kids that seeing a doctor can be a pleasant experience.

The Night Before Wellness is available for individual purchase or in bulk for practitioners looking for a fun, interactive way to teach young patients and their parents about the difference chiropractic can make for their health. Short-link access is found at

This is Dr. Kolowski’s second published book, his first being an Amazon bestseller titled Diary of A Husker. In addition to authoring two books, Dr. Kolowski is a chiropractor at Inside Health in Loveland, Colorado. Dr. Kolowski and his team are firm believers that health comes from the inside. Determined to educate the Colorado community on whole-body wellness, Inside Health offers Quantum Nutrition Testing and healthy lifestyle products.

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