Quantum Nutrition Testing – What Does a Course of Care Look Like?

After 14 years of clinical practice where we have earned hundreds of 5-star reviews for helping people with a wide range of health concerns, we must admit that we get a little tongue-tied when people ask questions like: “What exactly do you do, and how does your program work?”

It is not because these questions are difficult to answer, but they are hard to summarize succinctly without glossing over important details. Considering this, we thought it would be helpful to describe a typical course of care under Quantum Nutrition Testing.

For those completely unfamiliar with this approach, Quantum Nutrition Testing is a nutritional healing system where we work to identify the underlying cause of a health concern and then assist the body’s natural healing and repair abilities through proper detoxification and specific nutritional support. Because nutritional deficiencies and toxicities can affect any part of a living body and contribute to virtually any symptom or disease, we are confident that this work can help anybody with any condition.

When we take on a new client, we start by gathering a detailed history of their concerns as well as a snapshot of their daily lifestyle and diet. This is a very important starting point because many conditions are the result of poor diet and lifestyle choices that must be properly addressed.

The initial phase of care begins with weekly appointments. During these virtual visits, we review the current symptoms and develop a plan for implementing lifestyle and diet changes. We know that it takes time to make any type of change, and there may be many things that need to be addressed, so we carefully guide our clients on how to make these changes gradually. Then, the most important part of each visit is the Quantum Testing where our health coaches use their specialized training to determine the area or system of the body that is most in need, what is causing that area to be dysfunctional, and finish by designing a customized nutritional supplementation program to be used until the next visit.

After twelve visits, we will do a more thorough review of current issues as well as a more advanced testing procedure. This reassessment is part of our clinical decision-making process, helping to determine what steps are next. At this point, most clients have experienced noticeable improvements in their main complaints as well as other areas like energy and sleep. We celebrate these victories while also keeping in mind that true healing takes time, and a lack of symptoms is not the best indicator of health.

Every client has a unique story that led to their condition, and they will have their own healing journey. Some will take longer than others, and it is even possible that a rare few will feel worse before they get better due to a detoxifying too quickly. We do not get concerned when these situations arise because we know that premium-grade nutritional supplements have very little risk, especially when compared to using pharmaceutical medications. Our approach supports natural health and function while a drug is designed to force an action in the body. Thankfully, we can address these challenges by digging deeper into our clinical tool bag.

If you know our story, you will understand why we love tricky cases. That was us! We acknowledge that there is something wrong, but we also know that your body is smart enough to heal itself if we can give it the right opportunity. So, we start using higher-level testing and procedures. We ask different questions, searching for those hidden issues. After another 12 visits addressing these issues directly, we will do another review.

Our goal is to eventually reach a point where all symptoms and issues have been addressed, major lifestyle and diet changes have been successfully implemented, and our testing shows that there are no significant areas of concern. At this point, clients are free to stop care altogether, but we find that most want to continue being seen on a wellness basis, checking in with us as needed to ensure that no old issues come back and to stay ahead of any new issues that might show up.

You might ask, why not start every client with those advanced tools if they work so well? The answer is that most clients don’t need them. They do just fine with the standard testing procedures. Quite often, the tricky cases are figured out through a process of elimination. The hidden stressor that is affecting their health may only be found after an exhaustive search beyond the usual suspects.

One of our joyful obligations is to attend continuing education seminars. This is where we learn cutting-edge science and are introduced to the new tools and techniques to use with our clients. We are always trying to learn more about how to help any sort of problem because we also want to enjoy the best possible health for ourselves and our own family. We consider it a blessing to see those results at home and to also have Inside Health as our vehicle for connecting with clients from around the world, guiding them with the same passion and care we would expect for ourselves.

Now that you know a bit more about how we operate, how could this sort of care benefit you? Do you need significant help because of poor health from chronically poor habits, or do you just want to do some fine-tuning on your performance? Whatever your health goals are, we would love for you to experience the Quantum difference.