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We know that you may have some questions about Chiropractic Care and how your child may benefit. This article will hopefully answer many of these questions, but please feel free to contact us if you have more!

Chiropractic: More than a 125 Years of Clinical History

Since 1895, chiropractors have  been helping people achieve and maintain their health safely and effectively, without drugs or surgery. Many chiropractors today are extensively educated in treating infants as well as older children. One common question about chiropractic and kids usually include “How does my baby get adjusted compared to an adult?”

Gentle Adjustments

Children are not simply “little adults”. The techniques used to adjust children are very specific and gentle, usually using the same amount of force that you would use to check a tomato at the grocery store. They haven’t been living with their problems very long (compared to adults) and their adjustments are usually very light and efficient.

Why is Chiropractic for kids so crucial?

Many babies experience pressure on their neck and also spine when they are born, potentially putting severe stress on their nervous system. “As the twig is bent, so grows the tree.”

For this reason, routinely scheduled visits to a pediatric chiropractic doctor is vital for a child to keep optimum wellness.

Chiropractic care for older youngsters is equally important. School-age children are extremely energetic in sports and other everyday activities. This expected and active way of living puts them more at risk to spinal, neck and back problems. Another factor is the amount of time they spend sitting in class. That, combined with everyday exercises, puts a lot of stress on the spine which can cause pain, inflammation and subluxations affecting their health.

What are the most usual symptoms?

Children chiropractors have discovered a list of symptoms and signs is rather lengthy, but below are a few that moms and dads need to watch for (note that all signs and symptoms and/or indicators do not definitively suggest your kid has spinal or neck problems).

1. Restricted series of movement in neck/spine as well as joints.


3. Persistent ear infections.

4. Headaches/migraines.

5. Digestion problems.

6. Trouble getting to or remaining asleep.

7. Autism and also discovering disabilities.

8. Bed-Wetting.

9. Constant colds/illnesses.

10. Difficulty breastfeeding.

Detecting Problems

When it comes to their children’s wellness, parents are the first line of defense. They see them everyday and can notice what is “typical” for their youngster; for that reason, if there is something that seems off or out of balance they will certainly be the first to notice. Physicians, including children chiropractors, depend on parents to aid, help and address the clinical concerns their kid is experiencing.

Note: Chiropractors do not diagnose or treat the conditions listed above. We find the subluxations that cause interference on the nervous system, correcting this with an adjustment which allows the body to function better and heal itself.

What to Do:

The key is, if you observe any type of signs or symptoms that are not “regular” for your youngster, inform your chiropractic specialist ASAP. The earlier you find any signs or symptoms, the better possibility your kid will have on avoiding or lessening any kind of future or permanent damage. If your child was in an accident and suffers an injury, you may not see the damage immediately. Injuries can be left unnoticed for days, months, even years. It is important you get your kid right into the chiropractic doctor’s office as promptly as possible for a complete spinal analysis.

What to Expect on The First Kid’s Visit

Children, just like grownups, will have a thorough consultation and examination. This will let the chiropractic doctor recognize with certainty what type of treatment will be the most beneficial to the kid.

The chiropractic specialist will then speak with you as well as your child about the results (either that day or on the second visit) and develop a treatment plan that is customized to your child’s needs.

How Many Sessions Are Required

The number of sessions is usually less than what an adult would need. A youngster’s body reacts faster to chiropractic care than an adult.

Our Credentials and Who We Are

We are licensed chiropractors here in the state of Colorado with extensive training and are also trained in pediatric chiropractic methods. All moms and dads want their kids to have the healthiest and best life possible, so help them get to a good start in life by having a pediatric chiropractor on their team!

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