This past weekend, I was at an event at The Ranch, marketing our chiropractic services. While there, one elderly woman walked by and said very directly, “A chiropractor? I hope I never need you!”

I understand where this woman is coming from. For years, our profession has positioned itself as being useful for back pain, neck pain, headaches, and whiplash. If that’s all you knew chiropractic was good for, then I would agree and I’d be glad to never have to see one too!

loveland pediatric chiropractorHowever, what does it say when we see multitudes of children and families in our office every day? (I once had a patient whisper to me during their first visit that they never knew so many kids had back pain!)

The truth is the vast majority of these kids don’t have any pain. They shouldn’t anyways! Their parents understand that what they do have is a nervous system, and just like in adults, this nervous system is controlling and coordinating all functions in their body. They understand that a nervous system running on full power is capable of keeping them working at their optimal level, that they have more energy, less illness, better concentration, take less medication, and on and on. It simplychiropractic for babies helps them live a healthier life. These are statements that we hear every day from the parents and kids alike.

Health comes from within. Chiropractic helps your body express health. That’s why we see kids.

And that’s why that lady actually does need to see a chiropractor.

-Dr. David Kolowski, DC


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