How to Best Cleanse your Liver and Gallbladder

I just had the most amazing report from a patient and I had to share it with you.  This patient is a 65-year-old female with a history of gallbladder issues, digestive problems, and duodenal ulcers.  I placed her on our Gallbladder flush protocol using mostly Standard Process products to cleanse her liver and gallbladder and waited to hear back from her.  This protocol is very powerful, so I had high hopes for this patient.

During her first flush, she saw many little stones come out, but that was it.  I had a feeling there was more, so I told her to stick to the protocol schedule and repeat it in two months.

She just finished the second round of the flush and the results were much different.  Instead of just a bunch of little stones, she actually passed 12 walnut-sized gallstones, 20 the size of a large grape, and dozens more smaller ones.  I was astonished!!

liver detox loveland nutrition response testingLooking at the anatomy of a gallbladder, it’s difficult to fathom passing anything walnut-sized through the bile duct, let alone a dozen of them.  The gallbladder itself is usually about the size and shape of a small pear but can obviously stretch to accommodate this amount of stones.

Various Treatments and Costs

This patient can expect to feel fairly sore for the next couple days, which she is, but this is nothing compared to recovering from surgery to have her gallbladder removed or undergoing a procedure to use ultrasound shock waves to break up these stones and then force them out.  Another treatment is to take Ursodeoxycholic Acid which can cost over $1,000 per year and the stones usually show up soon after the patient stops taking this pill.  Just to compare another cost, the average cost of removing a gallbladder is $11,400 (1).

This flush in our office currently costs the patient $73.00 plus tax for the supplements and these will last for three different flushes, bringing your per flush price to less than $25.  You will need a few other things typically found in your home as well as plenty of apple juice.  The whole process lasts one week and can be fit into any schedule.  The final day of the week-long process is your “flush” day and you’ll want to be close to home when this occurs!

Much like the chiropractic philosophy in general, we believe that patients should have the choice to try something inexpensive and non-invasive first before doing something drastic.  If stones the size of walnuts can be released, just imagine what it could do for you.

Is this for you?

You may be asking, “How would I know if this would be good for me?  What symptoms would I have if I had gallstones?”.  Typically, people who have gallstones that are blocking the proper release of bile will experience difficulty while eating a fatty meal like a hamburger, bacon, or anything that you may consider “greasy”.  This could be indigestion, diarrhea and excessive gas, just to name a few.  The gallbladder can also be the reason for the patient not getting a full night’s sleep and waking up at around 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning.  If the gallbladder becomes inflamed, people commonly state that their right shoulder is painful, particularly under the shoulder blade.  An infected gallbladder (typically due to stones) can be very troublesome and may require medical intervention.  We can help you decide.

If those symptoms match anything you have gone through, this flush is for you.  This flush can also be done as a preventative maintenance protocol, as I have done myself, just to keep the potential for stones down.  Don’t let these stones weigh you down, call today!

Updates on this patient

I will post updates on this patient when I get them and add them directly to this post.

5/11/11 Update:  This patient has felt sore for several days, but no significant setbacks.  She has yet to give her gallbladder a full workout by eating anything greasy.  She is still taking Betafood by Standard Process which helps to thin the bile and prevent future stones.  The soreness she is feeling is perfectly understandable.  From an organ that is smaller than the palm of your hand, the gallbladder literally gave birth to nearly a quarter gallon of stones.  Just like the uterus does after giving birth to a child, the gallbladder now has to contract to a more normal size.  This will take some time, since this organ really isn’t designed to contract like the uterus.  I’m estimating that it will take this patient about 4-6 months until the gallbladder is back to a normal size.  In the meantime, it’s function should greatly improve now that all of these stones have been removed.  We will also find out in a couple months if there are any more stones when she does the flush again.

4/17/12 Update:  After a year of this very gentle treatment, this patient has had less and less gallbladder “attacks”, to the point where she hasn’t had an attack in months now.  She is still doing a cleanse every three to six months, or as needed, and the amount and size of stones keeps diminishing.  Maintaining this until the flushes are clear of all stones may take some more time, but we are definitely making wonderful progress.  Needless to say, the patient is very pleased!


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