The Choice of Your Health

America – Land of the Free.

Or is it?

Consider this: 59% of Americans are on a prescription medication. This makes up a grand total of roughly 2.6% of the world’s population.

This is a very small percentage of the whole earth, but this 2.6% is actively consuming over 60% of all of the drugs in the world.

For painkillers, this number raises to 80%.

Are we free from pain? Are we free from concerns about our health? Are we free from the financial burden that this places on individuals and families?

painkiller alternative chiropractic care lovelandWhat does it say to you when research has shown that people under chiropractic care report an 51.8% reduction in prescription drug costs?

When your body is working as it is intended by removing the interference that causes pain and dysfunction in the first place, this allows your body to heal and recover and those drugs are suddenly unnecessary.

If you saw one of your bills reduced by 51.8%, would that help with more peace of mind? Would it better if you didn’t have to make so many trips to the pharmacy? Would it help your liver and kidneys to not have to process and detox those dangerous chemicals from your body? Would you like to live without the inevitable side-effects and brain fog that comes with taking these drugs?

True freedom isn’t just about having the choice to do whatever you want. It’s about having the freedom to make THE BEST CHOICES for you and your family.

Freedom is also freedom from worry, freedom from stress, freedom from financial disasters caused by a health concern.

Freedom is optimal health and function.

Think about it: Without health, what do you have?

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