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606, 2023

Healthy Wine – with a label to back it up!

The following came from an email that we received from Dry Farm Wines. We felt this was important enough to share as it sets a new standard for the health impact and purity of the wines that they sell. If you have not yet switched to the [...]

1801, 2023

Oxalates – Toxic Superfoods!

A common statement made in many health practitioners’ offices goes something like this; “I eat really healthy, but I still have all of these problems! What’s going on?” We hear this in our own office. Our fellow practitioners commiserate that these are the “tough cases” that are [...]

1710, 2022

Healthy People are Not Profitable (and that’s a good thing)

We are taught from a young age to blindly trust authority figures. As we get older, we realized that these authorities are really no different from you or me. They are human, with the same faults and insecurities, just trying to do the best they can in this [...]

305, 2022

Parasites! More common than you might think…

We get it. Nobody wants to acknowledge that they may have parasites! However, ignoring an uncomfortable issue doesn't help address it. Through Quantum Nutrition Testing, we have been able to identify parasite issues in roughly two-thirds of our patients over the years. While we are not "diagnosing" [...]

2802, 2022

Getting Ahead – By a Hair

Yes, this is Dr. David in these pictures...   Sorry about the bad puns in the title. I couldn't help myself! If genetics determined your health, I would have been bald long before now. We practice what we preach and try to live as clean and natural [...]

702, 2022

Reconnect Your Body to its Power to Heal

I have a patient who first came to our clinic with a short list of fairly mild complaints. She’d been working in another healthcare office for the past several years and was planning to retire soon. When I first consult with a patient, I like to get [...]

3012, 2021

How to Tune up Your Diet without the Pain

Selene River Press recently received a question about how to still enjoy foods you love even while making healthier diet choices. Essentially, this person wanted to know if they had to give up their favorite donut in order to eat healthier. I love this question because there [...]

3010, 2021

How to Survive the Holidays – Sugar!!!

Your Loveland Chiropractor and Nutrition Response Testing experts want you to start the Holiday Season the right way! Halloween is right around the corner, followed by our favorite holidays and celebrations. One common theme is - SUGAR!!! -Halloween is the Candy Holiday. -Thanksgiving is the Pie Holiday. -Christmas [...]

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