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Nutrition Response Testing

We use clinically designed nutritional programs for each patient to help address a wide variety of issues in a safe and non-invasive way.

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Nutrition Response Testing™ is a technique that uses clinically designed nutritional programs to help address a wide variety of issues in a safe and non-invasive way.

By creating an individualized plan, we are able to save a great deal of time and effort as we help address the underlying causes behind your health concern.

This program also includes personalized nutritional guidance and recommendations along with several resources like shopping tips, cooking tips, and more.

Nutrition Response Testing™ is well known for helping with a variety of digestive disorders, and we have also seen great results with hormonal issues, energy struggles, sleep disorders, emotional stability, immune system health, and a wide range of toxicities.

On this program, we watch our patients begin to look and feel younger and healthier, not sicker and older. One pleasant side-effect of better health and proper nutrition is that weight problems tend to go away all by themselves. Both Dr. David and Dr. Lauren have lost considerable amounts of weight, and they keep it off with very little effort.

Nutrition Response Testing™ is best known to many of our patients as their “Last Resort”, simply because it was the thing that finally fixed it. Don’t wait and struggle – Don’t get to the end of your rope – Call us today and start enjoying the health you deserve.

“Absolutely highest caliber of care here! Our whole family sees Drs. Lauren and David and have had an extremely healthy year. We rely on the precise adjustments and intuitive NRT sessions. Highly recommend for all ages.”

Janelle D.

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We promote whole-body health for the whole family through chiropractic care, Nutrition Response Testing™, and Cellular Regeneration Therapy.


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