It feels like summer is officially here at last! With 90 degree days and plenty of Colorado sun, it’s time for one of our favorite summer protocols.

When out in the sun, our skin naturally produces Vitamin D. This is a very good thing, especially for our immune systems as we have discussed several times throughout the recent pandemic.

However, too much of a good thing can also be bad! Vitamin D is fat-soluble, which means it doesn’t get processed as quickly and can build up to toxic levels. This is essentially what causes a sunburn.

Taking the right calcium supplements along with the right fatty acids can help your body process this excess Vitamin D and get it out of your tissues.

We love being out in the sun. We try to prepare for this exposure by taking this protocol at least a day in advance, usually 6-12 Calcium Lactate and 2-4 Cataplex F. Then while in the sun, we keep taking this protocol every few hours or as needed based on sun exposure.

Bonus – Even if you get a burn, this protocol will typically help you recover much faster, again by helping your body process that excess Vitamin D.

Extra Bonus – Cataplex F is also well known for it’s ability to help with heat intolerance. If you are overheating and worried about Heat Stroke, take a small handful of Cataplex F (6-12) and rest for a few minutes. (Pro Tip: chew them up a bit for faster absorption) With more fatty acids available, you’re cells and body systems are better able to take the heat!

Dr. David likes to share his story of being on vacation and having to help clear out the fridge before they left. He ended up eating a meal FULL of fats like eggs, butter, avocados, and more. A little while later, he went to his favorite spot in the steam room for a good sweat and was surprised at how little the heat was affecting him!

There is also a powder version of Calcium Lactate that works great for kids (mix into applesauce) as well as a liquid perle version of Cataplex F (now called Flax Oil Plus) that doesn’t contain any iodine in case your are sensitive to this.

Stock up today and be ready for all of the summer fun!