There are no coincidences.

As a chiropractor, I know that when I hear different patients ask the same question, there are many more people wondering the same thing.

Recently, a couple of patients on the same day asked, “What am I doing wrong?!” They each expounded on their question, asking variations of the following:

  • What’s causing these issues?
  • Why was I so out of alignment today?
  • Will I ever get to the point where I don’t need an adjustment?

My answer to them was simple. If you were doing something wrong, you would be the first to know! Your body would immediately tell you, or you would realize you had some kind of accident. Beyond that, you’re just experiencing LIFE!

There are constant streams of stress in our lives, from environmental stress and toxins to psychological stresses and of course physical stresses from overworking and underworking our bodies!

It is impossible to remove all stress from your life. You would drive yourself insane if you think it is even possible. Besides, some stress is good! A good workout makes us stronger and healthier, a minor illness makes our immune system stronger in the end, and even your heart beating or stomach churning with acid is a stress that is all part of maintaining life!

To put this in different terms, could you imagine asking your dentist, “What am I doing wrong? I got my teeth cleaned 6 months ago and now they’re dirty again! Will I ever get to the point where I don’t have to brush my teeth anymore?” It seems silly to ask that, right? It’s simply the regular maintenance we need to do to keep a healthy set of teeth!

But here’s another layer of truth – you actually don’t need to brush your teeth!

*You only need to brush the ones you want to keep.*

Chiropractic works with your spine and nervous system. These parts are not as visible as your teeth, but they are immeasurably more important since they run all of your body’s functions.

You keep on living, and use chiropractic care to keep you tuned up so you can handle all that life throws at you.

-Dr. David Kolowski, Chiropractor