Everything we talk about on this blog is geared to help create healthier people and a healthier world. Our air quality is a huge part of this, and every little bit helps. Switching out an old gasoline powered engine for a battery powered one is now within reach and can help make a considerable difference in our environment.

lawn mower air qualityThese mowers are lightweight, yet powerful enough that they are comparable to a gasoline powered mower. The batteries last for about an hour or more and take about 7 hours to charge. The mowers pictured weigh just 48 pounds on the left and 58 pounds on the right.

These mowers are part of a program happening right now in the front range where you can trade in your old mower and you can get a brand new electric mower for $140-$210, depending on the model you want. Without a trade, there is still a rebate that brings the price down to $190-$260 depending on the model.

This group will also recycle your old mower in a responsible way. The next events are:

  • Saturday, April 30th at The Ranch
  • Saturday, May 7th at Dick’s Sporting Goods in Commerce City
  • June 4th at Springhill Golf Course in Aurora

Register in advance at www.raqc.org.

You can see the models that are available below:

They will also have other electric lawn and garden tools available for a reduced price through this program. You can indicate your interest for these on your registration.

Would you like to never have to buy gas or oil for your mower again?

Every little bit counts. Can you do your part to create a healthier world by getting rid of your old mower?