What Our Patients Say

“Absolutely highest caliber of care here! Our whole family sees Drs. Lauren and David and have had an extremely healthy year. We rely on the precise adjustments and intuitive NRT sessions. Highly recommend for all ages.”

Janelle D.

“I met Dr. David a little over a year ago. I could hardly turn my neck from side to side, or stand or sit for long periods of time. I am a pain patient. I am fused in the neck and low back. I also have a bulging disc in my neck. Working with Dr. David we’ve achieved mobility, energy, healing. I quit smoking, walk every day. I feel so much better, my digestion, mood. I have to say what drew me to him was his bedside manner. It’s real good! He really cares about your health and well being. His approach to care is dedicated. I carry his cards in my wallet and hand them out all the time!”


“I have experienced chronic Illnesses that other top Doctors in Virginia and St. Louis had not helped me with successfully. I drove from Virginia to Loveland, Colorado at the Urging of Dr. David after seeing months of complaints on Facebook. I had grown up with David and knew him to be a truly genuine and honest man. And being honest I felt like I had exhausted all my MD type options over several months fighting the illnesses unsuccessfully. Dr. David ran several tests and did a type of nutritional balancing. Within 3 days of starting his treatment plan, most symptoms were resolved. Since then, I have made it back to Loveland once a month for more than a year. I realize that it is much better to be able to see a doctor 2-3 times a week after an initial treatment plan and many have healed more fully and faster than me, and I have not yet found a way to move to Loveland and I have not found anyone that is as good as Dr. David and Dr. Lauren. If your looking for a whole life, holistic approach to creating your own health, I recommend you set up your visit and see for yourself.”

John D

“I have had the privilege of being a patient of both Dr. David and Dr. Lauren for the past 3 years. When I first began care with them I was unable to sleep at night, walk or even sit comfortably due to severe hip and low back problems. I suffered major kidney stones, excessive fatigue, and was basically a walking health crisis. Now I am almost completely pain free in my hips, my focus and energy is far better then before, I am rarely ever sick and my kidney troubles are less frequent. The greatest success story for our family has been the results our children have experienced. My daughter suffered from an abnormal type of asthma, after only 6 months of adjustments my daughter has not had a single asthma attack since! My son complained daily about a pain in his legs and his heart hurting, other doctors simply stated he had “growing pains” , my son is now free from pain in his legs. Also, we discovered that my son suffered from a parasite in his spleen, after seeing doctor Lauren for treatment his chest pains are gone! I am beyond grateful to have found a better path to health through Kolowski Chiropratic and wellness. The doctors and staff are the very best!! Thanks!”

Nora D.

We have many Testimonials & Reviews on Google from patients who have seen amazing results from Inside Health.

  • Could not be happier with Dr. David. Has helped me with my migraine issues and provides an excellent, professional and flexible options for me.

    Cory Beal Avatar Cory Beal
  • Thanks to Dr. Lauren, I have handled gallbladder removal surgery with absolutely no problems, and my quality of life has greatly improved! I don't have nightmares anymore, my energy levels are so much better than they were before, and my mood has improved postpartum as well. I see results much faster using the supplements she recommends as opposed to prescription medication from the doctor. I've seen firsthand what good, whole nutrition can do for my body and my lifestyle. Dr. Lauren and her staff are some of the friendliest, most knowledgeable people you will meet, and are so easy to talk to. They truly care about their patients and never make you feel rushed or unimportant. Can't recommend her enough!

    Hannah Knock Avatar Hannah Knock
  • My family and I love going here! My kids get excited to go see Dr. David and are able to stay their healthiest. The entire staff is friendly and professional and truly care about each of their patients.

    Renee Davis Avatar Renee Davis
  • Dr Kolowski will help you improve your health! Your body will move better, heal better! The staff is friendly and rate is reasonable. I am so grateful!

    Susan Stockwell Avatar Susan Stockwell
  • After suffering more than a decade with GERD, I approached Janeen Baldwin for Nutrition Response Testing at Kolowski Chiropractic and Wellness. After only a few short weeks, I'm seeing a remarkable change. Food-based nutritional supplements have eliminated my need for prescription and over-the-counter acid relievers. I anticipate a reflux-free future! Caring, knowledgeable, and friendly, Janeen focuses on her clients' individual problems and dedicates herself to finding the best solution.

    Carol Rehme Avatar Carol Rehme
  • The Kolowski's are true to their value and mission statements! They have always go above and beyond with my children and myself to provide genuine care. Eternally grateful for both of them!

    Nora Dechant Avatar Nora Dechant
  • The staff is so friendly, it makes going there a joy. The Doctors genuinely want to help you make healthier choices so you can live a healthy life. A little pricey, but what would you pay to feel good?

    Alisha Winter Avatar Alisha Winter
  • So many great things about Inside Health! Both Dr.’s, and the rest of the staff are so friendly and welcoming. They become a second family!! They will take the time you need to feel confident about your visit and make sure that you are comfortable with everything. I haven’t ever felt as good as I do now, with their guidance and genuine care!!

    Kim Avatar Kim
  • 5 STAR.... From Nancy at the front desk... Dr. Lauren is top notch. Very attentive, very professional, very good at what she does...she has kept me above ground more than once and it is greatly appreciated The girls at the check out are smooth, Kristen is on her game and makes things so easy...

    Tony Hansen Avatar Tony Hansen
  • My family has been blessed by being able to work with both Dr. David and Dr. Lauren to improve/maintain our health! They are both so caring, knowledgeable and passionate about helping others. They have helped us in so many ways through chiropractic, diet and supplementation. I don't know where we would be without them!

    Debbie Kemerer Avatar Debbie Kemerer

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