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Sciatica: The Symptoms That You Need To Be Aware Of

Lower Back Pain

If you find you are having pain in your lower back, your first thought might be to take a pain killer. This may not be the best solution. Low back pain is a physical problem that needs a physical solution. There has never been a case of back pain that occurred due to a deficiency in pain killers!

If this pain in your lower back spreads down into your hips, buttocks, or down your leg, then it might be possible that you are having the symptoms of sciatica and is time to see a sciatica pain doctor.

Leg Pain

Sciatica can produce a feeling of pins and needles in the leg and/or foot. The sciatica signs might come and go, but this is not something you should ignore.

Muscles vs. Disc

A common cause of sciatica is tension in the muscles around the pelvis, particularly the piriformis muscle. When the hips and lower spine are out of alignment, these muscles have to work harder to maintain proper stability. A tight piriformis muscle can put pressure directly onto the sciatic nerve, creating these symptoms.

The worst-case scenario is that a disc in the lower spine is bulging, herniated, or burst. A series of orthopedic tests can evaluate this, helping to determine if chiropractic care may help or if we need to get further testing.

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