Chiropractic Pricing and FAQ

Your initial Chiropractic visit:

  • Our initial examinations are typically $300, but keep reading…
  • Taking our Health Survey can save you $200 today
  • Attending one of our Events can save you even more

If we find we can help, these are your Chiropractic pricing options:

  • $60 per visit for Pay-As-You-Go adjustments
  • 12 adjustments and one Progress Exam, for $650 ($50 per appointment, saving $120)
  • Wellness Membership (our most popular option) – One monthly payment covers the care you need

Maintaining the system that maintains the rest of your body is always a good thing. Just like brushing your teeth, it is important to get checked and adjusted on a regular basis. Most of our patients see us 4 times per month on average, and that schedule works best for wellness care.

“I can really tell a difference from these extra adjustments. I’m feeling a ton better.”
-Emmett M., practice member since March, 2016.


Can I come in as often as I want on the Wellness Membership?

The Wellness Membership gives you the flexibility to come in as frequently as needed. If you listen to your body and act as soon as there is a concern, it’s much easier to get back on track compared to worrying about any extra costs and waiting it out.

There are no limits with the Wellness Membership, but we will often reach a point where there is nothing to adjust if you come in too often. This is a good thing! It’s like going to the dentist and finding out you have no cavities and don’t need a cleaning because you were just there a day before. Healing takes time, and stress accumulates over time as well. We will find the best schedule for you to achieve and maintain your health.

Click on the image to the right for all of the information on the Wellness Membership and our Chiropractic pricing.

Chiropractic Pricing - Membership Option

See the full details of the Wellness Membership

Why should I consider the Wellness Membership?

We know that consistent effort provides the best results. A subluxation can cause spinal degeneration after just one week, so we want to check and adjust as often as necessary to keep your spine and nervous system working optimally. For our patients, this typically means being checked and adjusted 2-4 times per month, exactly what the Wellness Membership is meant for. Plus, there is the built-in safety net of being able to come in a bit more frequently in the short-term if there is a flare-up so we can get your health back on track. Wellness members also have their progress examinations included in the membership at no extra charge.

Why does the Wellness Membership have a 6-month minimum enrollment?

To put it simply – Healing Takes Time! The research is clear that the longer someone is under chiropractic care, the better their results. Our goal with our patients is to truly improve your health from the inside-out. We have no interest in “Band-Aid Care” where we simply cover up the symptom and do nothing to correct the underlying reason.

We will show you your exam results. You will see exactly how well you are working and where the issues are. We will give you a care plan recommendation to help you achieve maximal health. Then it’s up to you to put this plan into action.

Two things matter most in our office – YOUR HEALTH and OUR REPUTATION. We won’t do anything that puts either of those in doubt. Our testimonials speak for themselves, and they only happen if we are able to do what we know we need to do to restore your health.

Do you take my insurance?

Short answer – No.

We work for you. You hire us, you can fire us. Our mission is to provide great service and to be a resource for you and your family for years to come. Our mission is NOT to squeeze every penny out of your insurance and then fight with someone 1,000 miles away in a cubicle just to settle for a fraction of the bill.

Our healthcare system is broken. Insurance has become a game where the goal is to charge as much as possible. There are many training programs that teach doctors and insurance billers all kinds of creative ways to bill for every little thing. They’re worse than wedding coordinators! (No offense meant towards wedding coordinators. It’s just a joke because you don’t miss a chance to charge for something extra!)

We can’t be a part of that problem. With our chiropractic pricing, especially our Membership option, we are here to be a solution for your health needs and we have to make it affordable if we are to get the best results over time.

We’re thankful for insurance if there is a major catastrophe, but it doesn’t pay for the things that keep you healthy in the long term (does your insurance pay for your toothpaste?). The research is clear that chiropractic actually keeps you healthy. This is why chiropractic is slowly being cut out of most insurance programs. If you are one of the lucky ones who still has decent chiropractic coverage and you need to use it, go somewhere else to get patched up and then come back for us to keep you well.

We are here to make a difference. If you look around, you’ll notice in all of the drug commercials a common theme: There’s no money in a cure, but there’s a lot of money in the treatment of disease!

What about Medicare?

We do not deal with Medicare either. If you need Medicare to help cover your care, there are plenty of other offices in the area. Otherwise, our Wellness Membership lays out what you can expect.

What if I’m in a car accident?

We will refer you to another chiropractor who can work with your insurance. They will work with your insurance to get you to “pre-injury status”. Then come back to us when you’re ready to achieve optimal wellness. Having an accident is not a “pre-existing condition” that changes your chiropractic pricing.

Do you adjust kids?

Of course! They have a spine and nervous system, just like you. They experience stresses, just like you. They can develop subluxations, too! Adjusting children is not like adjusting adults. Often, the amount of work necessary is much less – and they respond beautifully!

The Research Speaks for Itself!

Want to know just how amazing chiropractic care can be for you and your family? Check out these highlights from the research!

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Chiropractic Increases Telomere Length – Potentially slowing the aging process

Long-Term Chiropractic shows More DNA Repair Potential – Slower aging again!

Long-Term Chiropractic Care Provides Better Results for Back Pain

It’s Never Too Late – at 65+, 50% less medical provider visits, 69% less healthcare costs, 95.8% felt care was “considerably” or “extremely” valuable

Chiropractic Side-Effects: Overall Well-Being, Ability to Relax, Body Awareness, Emotions, Increased Options and Hope