Semaglutide (aka Ozempic, Wegovy, liraglutide, Rybelsus, and Victoza; a GLP-1 agonist (glucagon-like peptide-1)), was originally synthesized based on gila monster venom. Scientists noticed that the gila monster version metabolized much slower in humans than the natural version that we create in our own intestines. The natural version we create lasts for only a few minutes, while this new version lasts for hours!*

One of the main effects of these injections are to slow down the transit of food from the stomach to the intestines by causing mild paralysis of the stomach (there have been many reported cases of gasteroparesis where more than 35% of food is still present in the stomach four hours after a meal (less than 10% should remain by that time)). It also mimics the hormone leptin which tricks the brain into thinking you are full. Meanwhile, it also stimulates the pancreas to produce more insulin (for many of the people hoping for miracle weight loss, this is usually akin to whipping a tired horse, contributing to pancreatic exhaustion, insulin resistance, and Type II diabetes).

Other risks are nausea, low blood sugar, dizziness, flu symptoms, pounding heartbeat, vision changes, mood changes including thoughts of self-harm, gallbladder and kidney problems. Ozempic comes with a “boxed warning” (previously called “black box warning”, but that was too scary so pHARMa got the FDA to tame it down a bit) which warns about thyroid tumor and thyroid cancer risks.

Granted, this medication “works” while you are on it, but it is not meant to be taken indefinitely. It should be no surprise that any individuals who did not adopt the (bland and frankly meaningless) advice of adding “proper diet and exercise” changes were quick to recover the weight they had lost. The reports of rebound weight gain (and other issues) are systematically being dismissed to create the appearance that they are only anecdotal stories. (Where have we seen that before? Heart attacks and strokes that couldn’t be from that one thing…)

Instead of looking for a quick fix, do the work to learn more about diet and lifestyle. Spoiler Alert! You’re not going to find the right information from mainstream sources! It is impossible for us to put over 20 years of personal education and transformation into this one email, but we would recommend starting your journey by exploring one source – Get their quarterly journal and dig through their archive. It should be noted that we don’t agree with 100% of their material, but they are the best we have found while still keeping their information digestible for a layperson. (pun intended)

*(When considering any new health strategy, something like this triggers an immediate Red Flag. Anything that forces our bodies to work in an exaggerated or suppressed way is a concern. Instead, we should be working to SUPPORT natural function through natural means. This is the core defining philosophy behind chiropractic and natural healthcare. Your body is smart. It is able to heal if it has the right expression of internal control and regulation through the nervous system and a full supply of energy and building blocks from our nutrition, while also avoiding excessive stresses in the form of toxins, traumas and thoughts. If that idea resonates with you, we would love to work with you.)