How Do Eggs Lower Cholesterol?

I am forwarding a response I had to a friend’s question about cholesterol and eggs.  You can see her question far below, and my response above that.  I think lots of people have this same question so I wanted to get it out there!
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Dr. Lauren

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Ok, here’s the dish on cholesterol.
Every cell in your body REQUIRES cholesterol to function…if you do not eat enough healthy natural cholesterol, the body actually has the ability to make it’s own.  Now, if you’re eating processed sugars, grains and oils, the body will have no choice but to make cholesterol out of those unhealthy things…and if you eat lots of those things, the body will make LOTS of cholesterol, raising your LDL and HDL cholesterols.
Therefore, eat good, necessary, natural cholesterols from eggs, butter, full fat dairy and meats, and your body will be getting what it depends on to function.  Don’t eat those things, (like the American Heart Association recommends) and your body will have to make it’s own cholesterol, and will most likely go overboard, therefore raising your blood cholesterol levels.  That is why when people start eating the way of the whole foods diet, their cholesterol goes down, naturally.
People can say what they want, but there are BIG DOLLARS associated with all of this.  Wonder why they recommend we eat the things that raise our cholesterol?  Perhaps it will sell a drug or two?!?!?!  haha…criminal.
Dr. Lauren
“Dr. Lauren,
Please explain the health of 3 eggs a day since they have cholesterol in them.  How will they lower mine?  I do love eggs!

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